VR Arcade

What IS VR?

Virtual reality is one of the most fully immersive technologies available today. VR has transformed the way that we experience gaming. Rather than just playing the game while watching it on your screen, the player steps inside the game.

Once our friendly team has got you set up, you’re not just going to be playing the game – you’ll be right there inside it. Transport yourself out of the real world, and visit theme parks, racetracks, and tons of other virtual worlds without ever leaving Stockport. 

How VR Works

In our VR arcade and luxury VR rooms, you're not just playing the game - you're a part of it. 

Once you're set up in the VR headset, you'll step into a new, exciting environment and leave the real world behind. As you move, your player in the game will move with you for the most realistic, immersive gaming experience you will ever have. 

VR Arcade

With an experience for everybody, our arcade VR simulators will take you on a series of journeys you’ll never forget.

Strap yourself into our Mech and fly through the skies like Iron Man as you shoot down the baddies or play back to back with a friend or family member as you take on hordes of mutants in our two-player shooter arena. Get safely on board our virtual rollercoasters and take a stomach-dropping ride while fending off ferocious Tetradactyl, Mosasaurus and T-Rex, or feel the virtual wind from the fans on your face as you race our real-life motion Tron Bikes at hundreds of miles per hour.

For those who want a slightly more relaxed VR experience, we’ve got fun rollercoaster rides minus the prehistoric creatures, or you can drive our hilarious Mario-style Karts while throwing shells at each other. 

Book Your VR Arcade Experience 

Have you been looking for a group VR experience in Manchester?  We’ve got a range of simulators that you can hop on to experience multiple worlds in an hour or less. Whether you want to try your hand at professional motorbike racing, fly through the skies like Iron Man or fight your way through ferocious dinosaurs while on a thrilling rollercoaster ride, we’ve got a virtual reality experience for everyone. 

30 Minutes


60 Minutes


you can Book the arcade Area privately by booking a minimum of 8 people for 60 minutes

call 0161 637 7273 to book all private arcades

Booking for today?

Bookings within 24 hours can only be made over the phone 0161 637 7273.

Looking to make a booking for within the next 24 hours? Please call us for availability.

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